Here you can see a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions organised by category. If your question is not listed, please feel free to submit a question via our contact form or call us on: (01) 8731101.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply online through your online banking area at www.comharlinnintocu.ie/login (you must be registered for Online Banking with Comhar Linn to apply online). Alternatively, you can download the Current Account application form and post/email to our office.

Available to existing and new members at Comhar Linn that are over 16 years of age.

Account holders over 18 years of age can apply for an overdraft online or in their branch, up to a maximum of €5,000.

Account holders can use their card anywhere in the world where the Mastercard Acceptance Mark is displayed.

Members with online access to their Comhar Linn account can avail of free current account e-statements every quarter. If you do not have online access you will receive your statement by post (there is a €2.50 postal charge).

Please call 01 6933333. There will be someone available 24/7 to take your call.

• Open the Apple Wallet app on your device
• Tap the plus sign at the top of the screen
• Have your card ready and follow the step by step instructions

Apple Watch
Cards must be added from the Watch app on the paired iPhone. If more than one Apple Watch is paired to an iPhone, cards must be added to each Apple Watch separately.

1. Tap the Watch icon to open the app on iPhone
2. Scroll to ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’
3. Tap ‘Add credit or debit card’
4. Complete the verification steps

If you forgot your pin for your debit card please call card services on 01 6933333. Card services is open 24 hours of the days 7 days a week.

You can call our team on (01) 873 11 01 during office opening hours or alternatively select register for access and complete and submit our form and a member of our staff will be in touch by phone to finalise your request.


You can call our office on (01) 873 11 01 during office opening hours and our team will be happy to re-issue your pin. Alternatively select 'Member Area' below followed by selecting "Lost Your Pin", then simply complete and and submit the online form and a member of staff will be in touch to finalise your request.

Member Area

If you have not logged into your account in the past 12 months, you will need to register for a new PIN through the Register for Access page. If you are receiving a “Timed Out” message when logging in, please enable cookies on your browser. There is a guide on how to do so available through the Help menu. For any other login issues please contact the office on (01) 873 11 01.


SCA stands for Strong Customer Authentication, and it is one of the regulations under the Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2). It states that a customer must verify their identity before payment information can be exchanged between a financial institution.

SCA codes are automatically sent to the app, regardless of whether a member has our Comhar Linn INTO app or not, they need to choose to have it sent via text, which is the easier option.

If a member hasn’t used their PIN in the last 12 months they are required to register again. Members can register for a new PIN here.

To access your online account, members will need their account number and PIN. Once this has been entered on the main website www.comharlinnintocu.ie, a code will be sent to the members phone by text message. Once the online access has been activated you can then download the mobile app.

Members will not be charged for this service.

There are various ways in which members can access their accounts:
Members can:

  • Access your account through our online app or online access - please find more info here
  • Register for online access - please register here
  • Contact us by email: info@intocreditunion.ie and a member of staff will respond to your query
  • For any queries regarding your account you can call us on (01) 873 11 01 to leave a message, and a member of staff will return your call.

Email Us

You can apply for a loan once your account is open, there is no waiting period.

The collateral for a loan is €5 up to 10% of the loan amount you wish to borrow depending on circumstances. The only exception is our Saver Loan where we require you to hold the full amount of the loan value in your share account until your loan is repaid.

Any savings outside of the collateral can be withdrawn once we receive written instruction.

The top up facility entitles members to apply for a new loan while still repaying an existing loan(max of three per 12 months),

Supporting documentation will be required.

You can borrow, but you may need a family member in a full time permanent position to act as guarantor.

There is no penalty for clearing loans early, no hidden charges.

You may use the document uploader, or email bank statements by PDF to the loans@intocreditunion.ie address, please quote your member number on all correspondence.

Once issued it takes one working day for the funds to reach your bank account.

At Comhar Linn we pride ourselves on the delivery of a member focused friendly service.
However we do recognise that on occasion, things can go wrong and you may as a result encounter difficulty with some aspect of our service or products.
If you feel we haven’t met your expectations, or there is some way that we could have looked after you better, please share your experience with us at info@intocreditunion.ie

If you are experiencing financial challenges we are here to help. As always our team are here to help members that face financial difficulty with their loan repayments.

Get in Touch

Yes the car draw is an exclusive draw only available to members of Comhar Linn

To enter our Car Draw please visit www.comharlinnintocu.ie. Select “Car Draw'' from our list of Services. Here you will have the option to enter the draw by printing our Member’s Draw application form. You can scan or post the completed form back to us.

Visit Car Draw

Prizes include: Cars, Cash, Tickets & Hampers

Yes a family member can apply for our bursary programme, they must become a member first before they can apply.

No, our bursary programme is exclusive to members only. To apply you must first need to apply for membership.

Yes all fields must be completed by the member to apply for this category.

Yes you need to be accepted into one of the colleges of education to apply for this category. Proof of college acceptance is required.

Those applying for a bursary must meet the following Criteria:

Common Criteria (Categories 1,2 & 3)

  • All applicants must be a member of Comhar Linn
  • Applicants must have completed the Leaving Certificate Examination
  • Completed applications must be received by June 30th 2023
  • Must be accepted/enrolled in an accredited institution
  • Evidence of College attendance or acceptance to College must be supplied with their application (Student Number and College Fee invoice will be accepted)

Category One Criteria

Successful candidates from Category One ONLY will agree to act as College Ambassadors for Comhar Linn for the academic year the bursary is awarded. This includes dedicating time each week promoting Comhar Linn to their peers & reporting to the Marketing Manager each month. This activity will include:

  • Maintain Social Media presence for Comhar Linn at College
  • Identify sponsorship opportunities
  • Comhar Linn Student Council participation - How to make Comhar Linn more relevant with students

The winners will be invited to participate at an Awards Ceremony at each of the colleges the students will be attending in 2023 in November (TBC)

Applicants are confined to students in each of the four teacher training colleges in Ireland (DCU St Patrick’s College, Mary Immaculate College, Maynooth College and Marino Institute of Education.)
Awards will be given on:

  • The quality of the entry application form provided by applicants
  • To students who contribute to their school in some way, e.g. student committee, prefect, etc.
  • To students who contribute in some way to their community, e.g. Gaisce Awards, Youth Club leader, etc.
  • Knowledge of Credit Unions and their value to society

Categories Two and Three Criteria

Available to applicants commencing or continuing their full-time, Third-Level Education, at any approved University or third level educational institution within the EU.

All applications must be submitted by June 30th 2023.

  • Children of Staff, Management, Directors, Oversight Board Committee of Comhar Linn are not eligible to apply.
  • A family may be in receipt of only one Education Bursary at any one time.
  • An applicant may apply under one category only.
  • The successful winners will be announced in August 2023.
  • The Board of Directors of the Credit Union reserves the right to alter any of these terms and conditions at its sole discretion without prior notice.
  • In applying for the bursary, you are agreeing to participate in promotional activities such as photo opportunities or videos arranged by Credit Union, you are also agreeing to your name and photo as the winner of the Bursary being used across our social media and press media outlets.
  • Unforeseen circumstances concerning eligibility will be reviewed if they arise during the tenure of an award.
  • The decision of the assessment panel will be final. No correspondence will be entered into.

You can apply for a budget account by contacting the office on (01) 873 11 01 and a member of staff will arrange for the application forms to be posted to you.

The budget Account is a stress free way to manage your finances. It allows a sense of control over your bills. It removes the burden of a large bill in any one month with the paying of a regular sum thus spreading the cost out evenly over the year.

An e-statement is an electronic version of your bank statement. It is formatted as a traditional bank statement, but is available to download as a PDF file from the Member Online Banking Area.

E-statements are more secure than receiving a statement via traditional mail. The statement is stored on our secure servers and is only accessible via online banking.

We will alert you via email when your statement is ready to view. Your statements are available as soon as they are generated instead of needing to wait for mail delivery.

You can Opt-In for e-statements from the Online Banking module within your members area.

Once you are in Online Banking, click in Subscription Services, select Yes, I wish to opt-in for Electronic Statements and click the Submit button.

Since the e-statement is provided to you as a portable document format (PDF) file, you can use your PDF viewer software to save a copy of the statement to your local computer.

You can then back it up electronically for archival purposes. You can also print the statement on your local computer and archive the paper copy if you wish.

As with all online banking and personal information, you should ensure your computer is secured.

Yes. The e-statement is delivered to you as a PDF file which you can print on your local printer.

You will need a PDF viewer program. You probably already have one installed. The most commonly used program is Adobe Acrobat reader. These are available to download for free from their makers' respective sites.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is one example of a PDF reader program. In order to view your e-statements you will need this or another PDF reader program installed on your computer. These programs are generally available for free download via the web.

You can download Adobe Acrobat reader from the Adobe web site.

If you want a paper statement, simply contact the office and we can have one posted to you.

E-statements can be generated at any time through your online account. Alternatively, you can request a statement be posted to you by calling the office on (01) 873 11 01 or by submitting your request via the post/email/Contact Us form.

Make an Enquiry

Peopl insurance was created by Credit Unions with a shared simple belief, that insurance in Ireland isn’t working in favour of those it’s supposed to serve. Peopl set out to build a new type of insurance using the principles Credit Unions have always worked to – ordinary people coming together using their collective power to rebalance things.

Peopl Insurance are backed by some of the leading Insurance companies in Royal London, RSA, AIG, Liberty and Mapfre.

Comhar Linn has partnered with Peopl. Insurance to enable the Staff of the Credit Union to refer Members for their Insurance needs for Life, Home and Travel Insurance. This service is offered on a “Non Advised Referral basis". Peopl Insurance is Approved by the Central Bank of Ireland and provides a safe regulated environment.

This means when a member asks us about Home or Travel Insurance or Life Insurance our team at Comhar Linn don’t give Advice we simply direct our members to get a quotation through one of the easy methods, by phoning the Call Centre or Clicking on the Credit Unions Website or on their Mobile Phone.

Yes we do, Loan Protection Insurance cover is provided by Comhar Linn INTO Credit Union on the lives of eligible members with credit union loans.

Yes we do, Life Savings Insurance is payable on the death of an eligible member subject to the policy terms and conditions.   Comhar Linn INTO Credit Union has a maximum limit payable of €13,000.

The Savings Cap is the maximum level of savings you can hold as a member in your Regular or Special Share Account with us. This cap will reduce from €50,000 to €40,000.

The new cap will take on effect on 1st June 2022.

Our guiding principle in making this decision was to protect the long-term best interest of all members while ensuring we remain operationally sound.

Saving statistics at Comhar Linn:

  • Members’ savings during the most recent financial year (2020/21) increased by 8.01% from the prior year (2019/20).
  • We now hold savings in excess of €252 million in our CU.
  • We have experienced strong growth in member savings over the past number of years.
  • This member savings growth, when combined with a very low interest rate environment, has put pressure on our ability to generate sufficient capital to maintain our regulatory requirements set out by the Central Bank of Ireland.

For every €100,000 our members have saved with us, we must allocate €10,000 from our surplus to our reserve. The cost of meeting this Central Bank requirement has resulted in many credit unions introducing limits on the amount of savings members can hold in the credit union.

The credit union is required to maintain a Regulatory Reserve that supports the credit union’s operations, provides a base for future growth and protects against the risk of unforeseen losses. The credit union needs to maintain sufficient reserves to ensure continuity and to protect members’ savings.

While this should be good news it is greatly overshadowed by the low-performing investment environment available to us.

Comhar Linn invests member’s savings prudently ensuring their protection, but the returns on savings and investments are minimal due to continuing low interest rates, including, in some cases, negative interest rates.

The cap has been set at a high level so it will impact as few members as possible. Approximately 1,300 members are impacted by the cap of €40,000 which represents a relatively small percentage of our 25,000+ membership.

All existing members with savings over €40,000 will receive a refund of the excess funds and will no longer be able to add to their savings.

Members are welcome to continue to save with us, up to the €40,000 limit.

We will refund the amount that exceeds the cap via cheque or electronic fund transfer to your validated bank account.

Whilst a Credit Union may not provide investment advice to members in relation to returned funds, you may be aware that there are financial advisors that provide advisory services to INTO and RTAI members.

The Savings Cap will be reviewed on a regular basis and judged on its effectiveness and impact on members. Members will be informed if any further changes are made to the Savings Cap.

It is too early to determine what rate of dividend, if any, the credit union will pay out. We will communicate with members directly to inform them of the dividend once we are in a position to do so.

The cap is at account level.

A member may have up to €40,000 in each account they hold with us.

The cap applies to:

o      Regular Share Accounts

o      Special Share Accounts

No, we have excluded:

o      Current Account

o      Budget Account

o      Club Account

o      Existing Saver Loan Account

No, the cap will not apply to:

o      Deceased accounts

o      Dormant accounts

The cap will apply and any funds in excess of €40,000 will be returned to the member.

Yes, we are implementing a monthly lodgement limit of €10,000 to each account in each calendar month.  Any funds in excess of €10,000 will be rejected and returned to the member.

Yes. Due to the growth in savings over recent years, we have significant funds available to lend to members.

All savings are secure. We are a financially strong and stable credit union and your savings continue to be guaranteed by the Government Deposit Guarantee Scheme up to €100,000.

No, quite the opposite in fact. Due to this growth in savings over recent years, we have significant funds available to lend to members.

No. The savings cap is in line with recent similar moves by the majority of Credit Unions.

The amount of insurance benefit which an eligible member may be entitled to and is in direct proportion to their savings and the age of the member.

To achieve the maximum insurance values, the minimum balance in a member’s savings must be €13,000.00 from the date of the relevant birthday up to the date of death

Withdrawals will affect the amount payable, as any claim is based on the lowest savings balance for each bracket up to the date of death.

You can make a withdrawal by logging into your online banking area. Alternatively, you can submit a written request via the post or the secure contact us section. Please note you will need to be logged into your online account using your pin to submit a secure contact us request.

Log in

A written request is required to amend or cancel a salary deduction or direct debit payment. This can be submitted via the post, by email via 'Make an Enquiry' form on the website or by logging into your online account and submitting a secure Contact Us form.

Make an Enquiry 

No, Comhar Linn INTO Credit Union will send the instruction to the Department of Education on the members behalf.

The deduction specified by the member will come into the credit union every payday (fortnightly basis only).

Yes, the form is available to download from our website https://comharlinnintocu.ie/services/downloads alternatively please contact the office on 01 8731101 and we can send the mandate by post. The mandate must be returned to Comhar Linn INTO Credit Union.

Full time permanent teachers, retired teachers or teachers covering a fixed term contract. At present there is no facility to set up a deduction at source for substitute teachers

Members avail of a stress free way to pay into their Comhar Linn account, the payment is taken at source and shows as a deduction on the members payslip. There is no need for the member to organise a further transfer each payday.

At present, there is no deduction at source facility for substitute teachers. Substitute teachers can avail of our direct debit facility.

Members will receive a mandate to complete when applying for a loan application.

Serving Teacher Salary Deduction Mandate or Pension Deduction Mandate. Forms are available here