Salary Deduction at Source

One of our most popular and most beneficial services that our members have signed up for with Comhar Linn is the Salary Deduction at Source. 

Manage your finances better and achieve your long-term savings goal - save for a deposit for your forever home, a family holiday, your annual car tax and insurance or just simply to have access to savings for a rainy day!

Discipline yourself now and reward yourself later with our Salary Deduction at Source service.

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How does the Deduction at source work?

  • Member completes a salary or pension deduction mandate the first time they wish to set up a deduction at source.
  • The member specifies the amount they wish to set up on a fortnightly basis
  • Return the signed mandate to Comhar Linn
  • Comhar Linn will notify the Department of Education on the members behalf
  • The Department work in advance of payments and require 4-6 weeks to set up a deduction at source
  • Once the deduction is set up the member will receive notification from the Credit Union advising them of the date the deduction will commence.
  • Service is only available to our members

Features & Benefits

Comhar Linn organises and communicates with the department

Payment is automatically taken directly from salary

Stress free way to save

Option to apply Deduction at Source against a Comhar Linnn loan is available

One less job to do each fortnight

Financial stability, security & peace of mind

Supports you to achieve your long term savings goal

Support from our friendly staff available

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