Budget Account

Comhar Linn's Budget Account facility is an efficient, stress-free way of managing your bills. We offer a personal one-to-one service whereby we plan your monthly and annual outlay together. Our Budget Account service guarantees your bills are paid on time, giving you peace of mind that you're on top of your finances & are prepared for a rainy day.

If you would like to chat to us about opening a Budget Account please give us a call on 01 8731101. Our friendly & helpful Budget Team are happy to answer any questions you might have.


Key Features

  • Easy to sign up
  • Personal one-to-one service from our Budget Account experts
  • Guaranteed bills paid on time
  • Guidance & assistance from our Budget Account experts
  • Ongoing support throughout the year
  • Annual review of your budget account

Budget Account

More Features & Benefits

Helps you to manage and allocate money more effectively

Monitor your finances

Identify financial issues that occur

Plan for your future financially

Currently available at low fees

Avoid getting into debt

Be prepared for the unexpected

Be in control of your finances

Member Testimonials

“The Budget Account is a life saver! All my bills are taken care of every month and it is one less thing to worry about each month.”